10 Incredible Farmhouse Living Room Decoration Ideas in 2019

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The farmhouse decoration shows how simplicity brings warmth and serenity in the room. Along the way, while it is becoming more popular, more people are interested in having their rooms decorated with farmhouse decorations. Of the many respondents, this design has become a favorite for several reasons, two of which are color and rust.

The colors that are often used in this design are mostly neutral, such as white and khaki brown. The colors were chosen because they are very close to nature. The key element of decorating a farmhouse is to look as natural as possible. That’s why furniture rust is also a major point here. For example the living room. The living room of the farmhouse will be dominated by casual and comfortable furniture.

Farmhouse Living Room
Farmhouse Living Room

1. Living Room of the Monochrome Farmhouse

At first glance, this living room looks like an ordinary modern space; However, hiding the quality of rural homes behind black paint. That’s not a brick wall; actually a wooden board. Another rustic piece is a coffee table. it has a natural rustic appearance. The surface even looks rough, but you can always polish it.

Winter Simple Living Room Decor
Winter Simple Living Room Decor – Source: pinterest.de
Farmhouse Style Throw Pillows
Farmhouse Style Throw Pillows – Source: pinterest.ca

2. Large fireplace

Once you enter the room, the big fireplace catches your attention. Complete the look with artificial cowhide rugs. In addition, wooden beams that adorn the ceiling emphasize natural points.

Fire and Seat in Country House
Fire and Seat in Country House – Source: tr.pinterest.com
Gorgeous Farmhouse Fireplace
Gorgeous Farmhouse Fireplace – Source: pinterest.com.au

3. Rattan House Living Room Furniture

One important key to decorating a farmhouse is as close as possible to nature. Apart from furniture made from recycled warehouse wood, rattan is also an organic material for this design. It will look good during autumn too. Beautiful white will emphasize the decoration of a farmhouse. Add unique pottery as decoration to complete the natural feeling of rattan.

Rattan Wicker Bamboo Chairs
Rattan Wicker Bamboo Chairs – Source: ethnodoc.org
Tropical Decor Still Trending
Tropical Decor Still Trending – Source: baers.com

4. Living Room of a Contemporary Farm House

If you live in the city, you can still see the farmhouse in your living room located next to the kitchen area because of limited space. Using gold in curtains, sofa cushions, and cupboards in the closet definitely make your room pop. The ceiling, wall accents, and the island are made of wood barn. Plus, the coffee table is made of rattan, which emphasizes the robustness of farmhouse decor.

Contemporary farmhouse interior
Contemporary farmhouse interior – Source: viraldecoration.com
Small Cottage Style Living Rooms
Small Cottage Style Living Rooms – Source: mariehiggins.com

5. Living Room of a Traditional Farm House

The best way to experience real farmhouse life is to turn your living room into the resemblance most similar to a farmhouse like a warehouse. This room has high ceilings. Decorated with strong and sturdy shed wooden beams. The chandelier consists of a candle, which is very similar to a warehouse. In addition, a large fireplace rises to the ceiling. It consists of bricks.

High Ceiling Decor Living Room Farmhouse
High Ceiling Decor Living Room Farmhouse – Source: worldwedream.org
Vintage Decor Farmhouse
Vintage Decor Farmhouse – Source: iirmes.org

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